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Blessings in Disguise

They say that life is a journey, a process, a dance and I have twirled and traveled and risked in search of blessings and wholeness and yet struggle seems to find me….Perhaps our trials and tribulations are in fact our path to miracles, blessings in disguise to be wholeheartedly embraced…


I Housed 2 Kids

There is a lot of pressure for moms today to ‘bounce-back’ to our pre-pregnancy bodies…Our culture is screaming THIN and literally defining what ‘beauty’ looks like, what ‘sexy’ looks like and what you and I should look like…I’m not one of those washboard-ab-moms and you know what world? I’m still beautiful!


Summer Slowdown

As you book your kiddos into weeks of adventure, fun and play this summer, remember to allow for some downtime too. Read on for the benefits of downtime for kids and parents alike.


What IS Parent Coaching?

Parenting is the hardest job we’ll ever have and yet there is no orientation, no training manual, and little instruction is ever given!


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